• I Saw Her with a Stranger

    I Saw Her with a Stranger


    The next day after the fight, I talked to her nicely. She also seemed pretty normal. Every night before going to sleep, I used to check her Facebook profile. One day I found that a guy named Sourav, who was in her college, had texted her. At first, I didn’t open the chat head. Since I thought it was inappropriate to invade someone’s private talks. But out of curiosity, I opened it. He had texted some romantic quotes and he was flirting with her. Pranshi didn’t reciprocate but she also didn’t oppose. This created doubt in my mind.

    The next day after returning from college, I called her up.

    “Who is Sourav?” I asked.

    “He is my classmate. But he is not my friend. Why are you asking about him?” she replied.

    “I saw some texts of him in your profile. He has sent some inappropriate texts like romantic quotes and poems. He is also flirting with you. Why haven’t you blocked him?” I asked.

    “No, No! He is a very friendly and funny guy. He talks to everyone like this. He also has a girlfriend. Please don’t think anything negative.” she said.

    “Alright. But please be careful. I don’t want anything as it happened before with Rakesh.” I replied.

    “Don’t worry. I am only yours. I can’t even think of any other guy than you.” She said.

    I was happy to hear that. I talked to myself, “I think I am unnecessarily doubting her. She is so loyal to me. Why am I even checking her profile.”

    I told her, “You can change your password. I won’t check your profile anymore. This is creating confusion between us.”

    “No problem. I won’t change it. You can always check whenever you want.” She said.

    Her loyalty won my heart. I felt like I am a lucky guy to have such a loyal girlfriend.

    I got busy with my studies and exams. Every evening I used to sit with my college friends at Piyush’s home for group study. It was more of a gossip hub than a group study. Some of us would mimic our teachers and make fun of them. Sometimes we would discuss our ambitions and fulfilling our dreams. Sometimes we would go out to have some street food. It was all a nice experience. Three months passed like this, and I was enjoying my life.


    One day my cousin-brother called me up. He and his parents were staying in Chhattisgarh, the neighboring state to Odisha. He invited me to his place since he had completed his post-graduation and wanted to celebrate.

    I and my elder brother went to his place for a 5-day vacation. We were meeting after about 5 years. We visited some nearby scenic spots and had a lot of fun. So, I couldn’t give much time to Pranshi. We used to have short conversations and that too on WhatsApp only. I didn’t want my uncle (Father’s elder brother) and aunty to get even a small hint of my relationship. So, I told her not to call me during my vacation. She also agreed to do so.

    I returned from my vacation and again got busy with my studies. I also missed some classes so; I had very little time to spend with Pranshi. She became angry and said, “You can’t even spend some time with me. What kind of relationship is this?”

    “Okay, we can meet tomorrow, if you want,” I said.

    “What? If you want? So, you don’t want to meet me, right?” She asked surprisingly.

    “Of course, I want. But you know how busy I am with my studies.” I said.

    “You don’t need to come. Please focus on your studies. We can meet after your exams. I have no issues.” She said.

    “Thank you for understanding,” I said.

    After hanging up the call, I thought, “Wow! She is so understanding. I am really lucky to have her.”


    She used to send a good morning text every day with a red heart emoticon and call me every evening after returning from her college. But after that conversation, her texting got less and less. She used to stay online but didn’t text me. Sometimes I would wait for her call, but she didn’t call me up.

    This made me feel worried about her. When I asked her, she said, “You can also call me or wish me good morning. Why should I always call you.”

    Although she said this gently, I got surprised to see such a reply from her. I couldn’t understand what had happened to her. At first, I thought, “Is she doing this to get my attention, or she is hooked up with that Sourav? Have I started her losing her again? Her replies are giving me negative vibes.”

    Her attitude was almost changed. I started losing focus on my studies and thinking more about her changing attitude. I couldn’t bear her this kind of behavior and finally asked her, “Have you lost your interest in me? Did I do something wrong? We can meet tomorrow and spend some time together.”

    “No. I am busy with my college function and studies. I have no time. We will meet after your exams get over.” She replied.

    Her straightforward statement struck me like thunder. I became restless and went to my friends. I explained everything and they became worried about me.

    One of my friends said, “Hey! Don’t be so serious. She must be really busy. Your exams are around the corner. So, please focus on that otherwise you won’t be able to score good grades.”

    His words seemed reasonable to me and decided to focus on studies. I thought to talk to her sister, Disha once about this matter. I texted her and told her everything that was happening between me and Pranshi.

    She said, “Don’t worry. I will talk to her.”

    I felt a sense of relief. But I was constantly getting a vibe like Pranshi was telling lies to me. Someone from inside was telling me, “she may be cheating on you.”

    I became so worried and perturbed that I couldn’t even sleep. Even it made me to skip attending college and also hampered my study routine. When my friends found me in this situation, they became annoyed with Pranshi.

    Piyush was her friend on Facebook. So, he texted her, “What is wrong with both of you? Are you guys not talking to each other? He has lost his focus from study; he is not even attending classes. Please sort it out ASAP.”

    Pranshi saw his message and replied, “OK! I will”.


    But she didn’t do anything. I had never felt like that before. I was being ignored by a girl whom I loved so much. My friends suggested resuming college so that I could focus on things other than Pranshi. I tried the same… But that turned out to be more disturbing. One of my classmates came up to me and said, “I saw your girlfriend with another guy on the riverside. They were sitting with their common friends.”

    “Are you joking? I don’t think that she would do that.” I asked him.

    “I am just telling you what I saw. Now it’s up to you to believe or not.” He replied.

    After hearing this, I couldn’t stay focused anymore in the class. I wanted to get out immediately. But somehow, I held my nerves and continued till the end. After returning home, I immediately tried to login into Pranshi’s Facebook account. But she had changed her password. I couldn’t believe that she had changed her password without even informing me. I had no idea what to do. After thinking for a while, I thought it would be wise to inform Disha about Pranshi’s activities. So, I texted Disha, “Your sister again cheated upon me. She was found sitting with another guy on the riverside.”

    “Really! Are you sure?”, she asked.

    “I don’t know. But the way she is treating me, I can guess that she must have hooked up with someone else.” I replied.

    “Okay let her come today from college. I will ask her in the evening and call you.”, she said.

    I hung up the phone. I took a deep breath and sat with closed eyes. Our memories of togetherness were constantly flashing in my mind. Her lovely talks and promises echoed in my ears. “Is this true? No, she can’t do this. She only loves me. She might have gone with her friends to the riverside to hang out.”, I tried to convince myself.

    It was 6:30 P.M. My mom had served me some snacks, but I was not in the mood to eat.

    “Why are you not eating? Are you okay?” My mom asked.

    I looked at her and said, “Yes, I am fine. I am just thinking about my exam.”

    “What’s there to think about? Just finish your snacks and go to study.” She said with a smile.

    I thought in my mind, “I wish I could tell you the situation I am going through.”

    Suddenly my phone rang, I immediately picked the phone expecting it to be Disha’s call. But it was one of my friends.

    I was not in the mood to talk but I received the call.

    “Hello!” I said.

    “Chirag! Where are you? Immediately come to the nearby marketplace.” he replied in a hurry.

    “Why? What happened?” I asked.

    “We are standing here, and we saw Pranshi walking with a stranger. Come asap,” he said.

    I immediately hung up the phone and rushed to the nearby market in desperation. When I reached there, I saw my friends standing with their bikes.

    “Where is she?”, I asked.

    “She walked down this road to home. We can catch them if we go near her home.” one of my friends said.

    We rode through a different way and stopped near her home. Then I saw Pranshi walking with Sourav. When both noticed me and my friends, they immediately got conscious and behaved as if they did not know each other but standing near to each other. Then she made a false try to show as if nothing had happened. I stopped both of them.

    Stay tuned to know what happened next…

  • Stepping on The Wrong Path

    Stepping on The Wrong Path

    After choosing different academic careers we could not spend much time together. I got busy with my studies, and she also got busy with hers.

    We had passed with good grades so; our parents gifted us new smartphones. That helped me to stay connected to her without any disruption. We used to talk every day over calls and through long WhatsApp chats.

    I got admitted was a private science college and made 4-5 friends in a few days, and they seemed pretty nice. We shared each other’s memories of school and how we ended up being admitted to that college.


    After my college hours, I used to rush home so that I could talk to Pranshi. She used to stay at home since her classes had not started yet. She always asked me about my day at college and I used to narrate everything.

    “Is there any beautiful girl”, she asked.

    “I don’t know, I don’t look at them”, I replied.

    “Good boy. You can’t look at any other girl. I don’t permit you”, she said.

    “Really! Do I need your permission to talk to a girl? Nobody can restrict me. You know”, I replied.

    “Yes, I know. You never listen to me and neither you will. But don’t you dare to let any girl come closer to you”, she replied.

    After having a sweet conversation like this for about half an hour, we hung up the call. There was a constant smile on my face. Because I had always wanted her to become possessive about me and I could sense that in her talks.

    So, one day when our teacher was absent, my college friends started talking about each other’s love stories. Some of them had a one-sided love story that didn’t turn out successful and some had breakups. Till then, I had kept my relationship a secret. All of a sudden, they looked at me and asked, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

    “Yes, I have one”, I replied.

    “Show us her photo. We want to see her”, they insisted.

    I showed them one photo of ours and they said, “Wow. Lovely couple. So, she would be our sister-in-law” they said with a teasing smile.

    They all asked her name. “Her name is Pranshi”, I said. One of my friends, Piyush opened Facebook on his phone and immediately sent her a friend request.

    “Now I will talk to her as well and inform her about your mischiefs,” said Piyush.

    “Yeah, you can. I am not afraid of that.” I smiled and said.

    After returning from college, I called up Pranshi & narrated the whole story of what happened in college. She started blushing that I and my friends had discussed about her. She talked to me very sweetly and I was on cloud nine.


    Each week the college used to conduct a practice test to encourage us to work harder. I always had a fear of failure. So, I used to revise everything we were taught in college to remember them. In the beginning, I scored very good marks and came into the eyes of my teachers. I made the ambition to crack the entrance exam and study in the prestigious engineering college – IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology).

    The director of our college came up to me and congratulated me for scoring good in those weekly tests.

    “You are in the limelight now. I expect brilliant performances from you”, he said.

    “Yes, sir. I will try my best.” I replied with a gentle smile.

    After going back home I told this my parents. They were very happy. Then I called Pranshi, and she was also thrilled to hear this.


    After a week Pranshi’s classes also began. But I became worried about her. She was in a college where I expected most of the boys must be flirtatious and mischievous. When I checked about that Insititute – it showed a very bad reputation for spoiling the lives of girls. When my friends came to know this, they warned me.

    My friends said, “You know what kind of boys study in that college? Pranshi is not that mature, and on contrary the guys may happen to be quite smart, she may get carried away by their cunning words and problems may happen.”

    I had already seen such action from her so, I became started feeling insecure about my relationship.

    But this time, I had one advantage i.e.: her elder sister, Disha was with me. She talked to me daily over WhatsApp. Soon she became very close to me like an elder sister. Whenever I and Pranshi would quarrel, she used to come between us and sort everything out. So, I had always believed that Disha would never let our relationship break.

    Sometimes, in the evening Pranshi and Disha would come out by making excuses from their mom, and we used to hang out together. But one day her mother caught her talking to me over the phone. Her mother became furious and asked everything about me. Pranshi was silent and Disha came to her rescue.

    “He is a nice guy. He is very good-looking and good at studies also. Pranshi is nothing in front of him. Why are you angry? Let them be together and we can get them married in the future”, She said to her mom and dad.

    Their parents didn’t support her words, but they also didn’t oppose them. They were three sisters and Pranshi was the youngest. Pranshi’s eldest sister also knew about me, and she was happy to know about our relationship.

    Later, Pranshi called me up and narrated the whole incident. When I came to know that our relationship was not a secret anymore to her parents, I felt a bit relaxed. Because I always had a fear that her parents would never let her talk to me when they will discover our relationship. I thought, “Now all her family members are aware of our relationship. Her two sisters are happy about it. So, I don’t need to worry about her.”


    It was already 2 months in my new college, everything was going pretty smoothly in my life. I was doing good in my studies and there was no hindrance in my relationship as well.

    One Sunday, I and my friends decided to go to the nearby sea beach to hang out. I also got permission from my dad. I got very excited about the trip since I had never done such kind of a trip. One of my friends had brought a packet of cigarettes with him. When we reached there, he opened the packet and distributed it to everyone in the group except me. I had never smoked before but that day, out of excitement I asked him for one.

    They got surprised to see me asking for a cigarette. “Really! are we dreaming or what? Chirag is asking for a cigarette.”

    “Yeah, I also want to try this. I want to experience how it feels to smoke” I replied.

    “So, you know how to smoke?” a friend asked.

    “Yeah, just lit it and suck the smoke in,” I replied.

    “Okay, try this” he gave me.

    I lit up that cigarette but when I took in my first puff, it was unbearable for me. I immediately threw out the puff and coughed terribly. It was so hard that my eyes turned red.

    One of my friends said, “Why are you doing this? You don’t need to smoke.”

    Another one said, “Don’t worry. Everyone goes through this on their first attempt. Try once more.”

    I looked at him and again took a small puff. This time I didn’t cough. I blew the smoke slowly from my mouth. I thought it was pretty cool. My friends laughed and clapped for fun.

    “Now you have become a man”, one guy said.

    I smoked the whole cigarette, and my brain became dizzy since I was not used to the nicotine. After having fun for a couple of hours, we returned home.

    After reaching home I called up Pranshi.

    “So, how was your hangout? Did you enjoy it?”, she asked.

    “Yeah! A lot. We had a lot of fun. But I would love to go with you.” I said.

    “Oh! Only God knows when it will happen” she replied.

    After talking for some time, we hung up the call.

    From that day, I smoked in regular intervals of a day or two with my friends. It became a new source of happiness for me. I kept my smoking a secret from her. One day Pranshi called me up and asked, “Why are you smoking cigarette?”

    I was surprised to hear such a question from her.

    “How did you know? Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t do such things.” I replied.

    “Really! You think I don’t know what you are doing. My friend saw you smoking with your friends. You are also lying to me.” She replied.

    I realized that she had found that out. So, I apologized to her and promised her not to do that again. She forgave me at that moment, but she couldn’t get that off her brain.

    Oh no! why did i do that?

    From that day, whenever she would start a conversation, she would ask, “How many cigarettes have you smoked today?”

    I would say nothing and change the topic. But when she did that every day, I became very angry. I tried to control my anger but one day she crossed all limits of taunting. That hurt my ego and I yelled at her like a madman. I thought that she was putting me down by counting my mistakes again and again.

    “Do you think you are a very good girl? I think you have forgotten what you did to me by ditching me for Rakesh. I haven’t smoked since the day I promised you. But you are taunting me continuously. You deserve a serious blast. I don’t want to talk to you.” I said in anger.

    “Okay. Then do whatever you want to do.” She replied and I hung the call up in anger.

    I was short-tempered. After 15 minutes I realized that I shouldn’t have said that. But I didn’t call her up to persuade. I was in my ego that I wouldn’t say sorry.

    One hour passed. I checked her WhatsApp and Facebook status; she didn’t show up on either of them. I was feeling nervous and thought about whether I went too far.

    After three hours, her number showed up on my screen. I felt a sense of relief.

    I received the call and said, “Hmm. What happened?”

    Her voice was fumbling, and she was crying like a little girl.

    “Why did you talk to me like that? I just cared about your health. So, I taunted you. But the way you said, I felt like I have no character. Your words have hurt me a lot.” She said in a choked voice.

    I realized what a great mistake it was. I immediately said sorry to her 10-15 times and apologized for my rude behavior. I had never seen her crying like that. I tried to pacify her with very kind and loving words. After apologizing and persuading her for about 20 minutes she finally stopped crying and became normal.

    “Please don’t bring up my past actions. I feel terrible about that.”, she requested me.

    “Yes, I promise. I won’t bring up this topic anymore”. I replied.

    Although I apologized to her. But that one outburst had put an invisible crack in our relationship.

    I was not aware of what was going to happen soon. This fight had sown the seed of anger and hatred in our relationship. And after two months something happened that I could never imagine.

    Stay tuned to know what happened…

  • The Sweetest Times

    The Sweetest Times

    I got up early morning to meet Pranshi. She came in front of me, and my anger disappeared when I noticed her regretful eyes. I was pretty quick and straight, without losing much time, I asked her whether she wanted to be serious about this relationship.

    “Yes, I want to be with you,” she said.

    “Then why did you spend time with Rakesh? Do you think that I am not serious about you?” I asked.

    “I am sorry! I couldn’t understand you. It’s my fault that I was confused. But from now you won’t hear anything against me. I will be loyal to you” she said.

    “Okay! But it has become very hard for me. I can’t trust you, yet I can’t leave you.” I said.

    “You can do whatever you want. But I promise that I will never forsake you” she said with moistened eyes.

    she wanted to be with me only

    Her words were very convincing to my heart, and I was happy that she wanted to be with me only.

    From that day our relationship became stronger. She shared her Facebook login details with me, and I used to check her account daily before going to sleep (I was over-possessive). Since our exam was over and there was a gap of two months for the results to come out. We met daily in the morning in the name of exercise. We also talked over the phone often throughout the day. Gradually my grudges for her got vanished and we both were very happy.

    Sometimes her elder sister used to come with her, and we had fun. In the evening we used to go out and eat street food together. During this time Rakesh also tried to call her and restart relationship with Pranshi. But in this phase of ups and downs, Pranshi seemed to be committed enough and ignored him. Then after a while, Rakesh also gave up. Since I had a long holiday after the exam.

    I decided to visit my maternal uncle’s home at Bhubaneswar.

    Meeting Sumay Uncle

    I went there and my uncle and aunty were very happy to see me. My uncle, Swastik is a devotee of Lord Krishna, and he follows Vaishnavism. Whenever I used to visit his place, he would always talk about the pastimes of Lord Krishna, and I used to enjoy that. Those stories are adventurous and very nice to hear. I also had some interest in those things from my childhood. I had planned to stay for a week at his place.

    After two days, he took me to meet his cousin-brother named Sumay. I had heard about him from my other relatives that he was a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. I seldom met him at family functions or gatherings.

    When I entered the house, I could hear some slow music. It was a big house and I saw beautiful pictures of Lord Krishna hanging on the walls. Every corner of the house was filled with the mantra sounds. After seeing the beautiful atmosphere of Sumay-uncle’s house, I was impressed. Then I saw my granny (Sumay-uncle’s mother) coming out of the kitchen. She was happy upon seeing me and also embraced me with affection. She asked about me and my parents’ well-being. I talked to her for a bit and asked about Sumay-uncle.

    “He is upstairs in his room,” she said.

    So, I went upstairs to his room and knocked on the door. He was talking to someone over the phone, and he allowed me to enter his room. Upon seeing me he was happy, and he embraced me. We had a brief chat and my aunt (His wife) called both of us to have lunch.

    After having our lunch, me and Sumay-uncle went to back his room to take some rest and chit-chat. He asked me, “What is the goal of your life?”. I had no idea what to say. From my childhood, I had always thought of becoming a rich person and living a luxurious life. But I had never chosen any goal. I immediately replied, “I want to become a rich man and live a luxurious life.”

    “That’s alright. But how will you become rich?” He asked.

    “By working hard and performing well in academics” I replied.

    He laughed and said, “So, you think this will make you rich?”

    “I think so. After completing my studies, I will do business”, I replied.

    “Okay! But choose your goal wisely” he said.

    “What do you mean by goal?” I asked.

    Then he shared with me about his college life experiences and how did he choose his goal in life. He also talked about his experiences in Australia during his post-graduation. After talking for an hour, I took a nap.

    In the evening his friends gathered at his house. They played different musical instruments and chanted mantras loudly in front of the temple room which had deity of Lord Krishna and other personalities.

    They were singing the mantras and jumping up and down with raised hands jubilantly. Upon seeing their enthusiasm, I also joined them. I also chanted the mantras and danced in excitement. I did not know, why they were so happy, but little did I care to find the reason. After dancing for thirty minutes, they wound up the program. Everyone was sweating profusely but I could see a sense of satisfaction on their faces. My aunt served us sweet lassi and a plate of potato chips. Sumay-uncle sat beside me and said smilingly, “This was our evening rock-out kirtan. Did you like it?”

    I nodded my head with a smile and said, “yes, I loved it.” After half an hour his friends and brothers called me to a room where they had made some arrangements. Carpets were drawn on the floor and a special seat for uncle. One of his friends asked me to sit with them and he served me some snacks.

    “What’s going to happen here?” I asked his friend.

    “This is a spiritual class. We will have some fun”, he smiled and replied.

    After a while, my uncle entered the room and sat on his chair. He played some chants on a speaker and everyone sang together by following the music being played by the speaker.

    He asked, “Anybody has any questions about spiritual life or personal problems? They can ask.”

    His friends started asking some questions and he answered them. I was just sitting there and listening to him.

    Then, someone in the group asked, “Who is God? We see so many gods being worshiped in the temples.”

    Lord Krishna is the origin of everything. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Others are his manifestations, so they are demigods. We must pay respect to all of them”, Sumay-uncle answered.

    I immediately recalled one of my childhood incidents. When I was a small child, my mother used to feed me with her hands and narrate ancient stories of Mahabharata & Ramayana. During that time, I had asked the same question to my mom and her answer was as same as Sumay-uncle’s. I loved that class. Then my granny said to me and Swastik-uncle, “Why don’t you stay here tonight? You can go tomorrow.”

    Swastik-uncle looked at me and asked, “You want to stay?”

    I just smiled and nodded my head to agree with my granny. Then at night, we had dinner together and a lot of fun. The next day in the morning Sumay-uncle worshiped the deities in the temple room.

    It was my 2nd day at Sumay-uncle’s house, and I realized that I had almost forgotten Pranshi from the time I reached here. All of a sudden, she called me up and she was very angry with me. I tried to pacify her with some sweet words, and we talked for some time.

    Then the time came when I had to bid bye to Sumay-uncle.

    He said, “Again you are going to enter Maya’s (illusion) territory. After going there, you will feel like missing something. But I would like it- if you come again and stay for a week or two”.

    I could not understand his words at that time. But later when I faced the reality of life then I understood what he was saying. I had some good memories before leaving his place. I returned to Swastik-uncle’s house with him. After a couple of days, I returned to my hometown.

    There was a month left for our holidays to get over. So, I and Pranshi enjoyed it a lot during that period. We went to visit some nearby places together and had a lot of fun. I forgot all her past mistakes and apparently, our relationship became closer. All of our friends came to know about our relationship, and they were also happy for us.

    Finally, the day had come when our results would be out. We both passed with good grades and our families were happy with our performance. I liked science and math, so I took admission in an intermediate science school. She chose to do diploma in engineering from a different school in same city. Our career path became different so, we got admitted to different schools, but the good news was – both schools were in same city.

    One day, one of my friends said to me, “She is not a mature girl. She will go to a different school. She will meet many boys as well. So, this might create a dispute between you and her. Be careful.” I took his words very lightly since I believed that nobody could come between me and Pranshi.

    But things didn’t go the way I had thought.

    Our love for each other turned into anger and then hatred. Why it’s happening again and again.

    Stay tuned to know what happened next…

  • She Started Talking to Me Again!

    She Started Talking to Me Again!

    Pranshi called me after the first paper of our board exams. When I saw her name appear on my mobile screen, I was puzzled. After thinking for a while, I received her call.

    “Hello, what’s up?” she asked.

    “Hmm… good,” I replied.

    “How was your paper?” she asked.

    “Yes, it was good,” I said.

    “Hmm… you are a talented student. But mine was not good. I do not know what I will do in the next paper.” She spoke.

    “Study and perform better,” I said.

    Suddenly, I realized it was not her voice.

    “Who are you? I think it’s not Pranshi.” I asked.

    “Hehe, I am her elder sister. I have called you to request you something. Please help her whenever you get a chance in the hall. She is not as good at studies as you are.” her elder sister said.

    “Okay, could you please give her the phone?” I asked.

    She came over the phone after being told to by her sister.

    “Hello!” she said.

    “If you have any problem, you can ask me in the exam hall. No need to involve your sister in it.” I hung up the call.


    The next day she called me again and asked about my preparations. I was not able to understand what had happened to her. On exam day, she needed the answers, but she was having an internal conflict about whether to approach me or not. But somehow, she decided and called me softly – “Chirag !!”.

    I was happy inside when I heard my name from her after a long time. But that did not diminish my curiosity to know about her previous confusing behavior. In the meantime, the final bell rang, and we submitted our answer sheets… And my paper went well. It was a mixed feeling with two things happening at the same time – exam went well and Pranshi has started talking… After leaving the exam hall, I asked her, “So, what’s up?”.

    “Nothing.” She said.

    “Why are you doing this? You said that you did not love me, right!” I asked.

    “I was furious at that moment, so I said this. My elder sister came to know about our relationship, and she was glad that I have chosen you.” She said.

    “Really! What did she say?” I asked.

    “She said that you are a nice guy, and we can stay in a relationship,” Pranshi replied.

    Meanwhile, her elder sister came to take her back home. I was about to leave for home, and suddenly Pranshi called me from behind.

    I turned back and saw her sister looking at me. They waved their hands at me and beckoned me to go near them.

    That was the very first time when I met her sister. Her sister said, “Please help her in exams. She is not as good as you in studies.”

    “Yeah! I will try. Don’t worry.” I replied. Then we went back home.

    Gradually my anger for her reduced as the days passed. I was still confused about whether she wanted to be with me.

    So, in each paper, I tried to pass her the answers as much as possible and this went for a while and I was still confused what will be the outcome, and continuously I was thinking whether it is right or wrong, but I was subtly enjoying these.


    Finally, our exam was finished. She called me in the evening, and we talked for a while – may be around ten minutes. I was happy and relaxed. I didn’t realize – that I was going through all these during one of the most crucial phases of my career. There was no more study pressure on me. I was planning to take a break and visit some of my relatives.

    Suddenly, my friend, who had informed me about Pranshi’s valentine’s day guy, called me. He said, “I am coming to your home with him.”

    “With whom?” I asked.

    “Pranshi’s ex-boyfriend,” he replied.

    “Okay! You can come”, I said.

    It was around 7 pm, both came to my home. I knew that guy before, – his name was Rakesh and I stared at him with annoyance. But it was ok to meet him, and I was looking at my friend what he was up to?

    Rakesh started – “Hey! I am not your enemy. The same girl betrayed us both. She is playing with both of us.” He said.

    “What? She has been calling me from the very first day of our exam.” I said.

    “She is doing the same with me as well.” He said and took his cell phone out of his pocket.

    “Look! Whose number is this?” He said and scrolled his call log in front of me.

    “Oh, man! What is this? It’s too much now.” I said furiously.

    I immediately called Pranshi, but she did not receive the call. Then I called her sister. She received the ring and asked what had happened.

    I told her everything briefly, and she was shocked to hear such things about Pranshi. She promised to resolve everything and hung up the call.


    I was in great despair. My friends came to know about this. They had arranged a party since our exam was over. They requested me to join… so, I joined them in the hope to get some respite. They had also brought some beer with them. I saw the drinks and beer bottle for the first time. Some of my so-called close friends convinced me to try them. At first, I was hesitant. Then someone in the group said, “This will take your worries away, and you will feel lighter.”

    I said, “Okay, I will try.” I had no idea about its taste. After taking one sip, I learned that it was horrible.

    “How are you guys drinking this shit? It’s so bad.” I asked.

    “It’s not about the taste, bro. It’s about the hangover after drinking the whole bottle.” He replied.

    I drank the whole bottle with incredible difficulty in the hope that it will wash away my dilemmas. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But my mood got changed. I became silent and started observing everything around me. We ate a lot of food that my friends brought over… we had fun, jokes, leg pulling, and loud music – all was well set for a post-exam celebration. It was a good time spent, but the words of Rakesh were still disturbing me. After some time, Pranshi called me.


    She was very sorry for her behavior. She apologized for betraying me and talking to Rakesh.

    Since I was drunk, I couldn’t speak properly. She requested to meet her and sort everything out. So, I told her to meet me the next day morning.

    After I hung up the call, my friends asked me about my conversation with Pranshi. I told them everything. One of them said, “These girls are difficult to understand. They say one thing and do something else. My girlfriend also did that so, I broke up with her.”

    All of them were drunk and they started giving me many suggestions. Someone said, “Leave this girl. She will again cheat on you.” Another guy said, “No, don’t do that. You love her so much.” I said nothing but listened to their suggestions and advice.

    I was looking for my first hangover, and it stayed for a very short time. Our party got over and we slept together. I had set my alarm so that I wouldn’t be late to meet her.

    The next day I woke up early in the morning even before my alarm rang. I went to the meeting place. She came alone and stood in front of me. I looked into her eyes, and I saw her gloomy eyes.

    Then I asked her, “Do you still want this relationship?” She said something promising.

    Stay tuned to know what she said…

  • Heart Break – She Didn’t Love Me

    Heart Break – She Didn’t Love Me

    I learned that Pranshi was roaming around with her previous boyfriend from one of our common friends. So, I was enraged with her for this kind of behavior. I could not behold the pain and went to ask her the reason behind that. At first, she remained silent.

    Then suddenly she looked into my eyes and said,
    “I love only myself. I love neither you nor him. Whatever I did, it was my choice.”

    I was taken aback and thought for a moment. “A week ago, she used to hang out with me. So many times, she said that she loved me. But what is going on now? This can’t be true. I know she is joking.”

    I just gazed at her face and couldn’t say anything. Suddenly one of her friends said, “Pranshi, let’s go home. We are getting late.”

    I closed my eyes for a second and gasped. “Alright, thank you very much for this. I shall always be grateful to you,” I said. I turned my face off and proceeded towards my home.

    I was walking home with a heavy heart and moistened eyes. I felt like everything has stopped in my world. This was the very first time when I was undergoing such a disheartening experience. I just sat outside my house and suddenly one of my friends kept his hand on my shoulder.

    “What happened? Why are you sad?” He asked.

    “The good news is, Pranshi doesn’t love me. She was just playing around with my feelings.” I replied sarcastically.

    “Why? What happened?” He asked.

    Then I narrated the whole story to him and sat down with closed eyes.

    “Now what? Don’t sit like a fool. Just move on and focus on your studies. You have exams”, He said.

    A drop of tear rolled on my cheek, and I didn’t wipe it. My friend saw me like this for the very first time.

    “Chirag! Seriously? You are crying for a characterless girl. This is not you.” He said angrily.

    “No, I am not crying for her. But the pain inside my heart is intense. I am cheated on by a girl. What could be more humiliating than this? She played with my emotions, and I thought that she loved me. You know right? How many times have I talked about her in front of you.”, I said.

    “But what did she do? In front of all her friends, she said that she didn’t love me. I am a fool number one. I should have understood that before.” I started blabbering.

    “Just shut up! You are just a schoolboy. Many girls will come and go. But why are you crying for her?” He asked.

    “Because she is the only girl who I have loved. I don’t care about other girls.” I replied.

    I sat for an hour and thought, “What could be the reason for such a sudden change? I loved her like anything. Why did she do this?” Of course, I did not get my answer, but I wanted to know.

    It was 15th of February and only after 9 days our board exams were starting. The next day, some of my other close friends came to me and asked me about Pranshi. I explained the whole story.

    “What are you saying? How could she do this to you? You were so happy with her. But why did she change suddenly?” he got angry and asked.

    “I wish I could know that”, I replied.

    “Do not worry, brother. Many girls will fall for you. Just forget her. You deserve better.” they tried to console me.

    I said, “Enough of this drama. I will focus on my exam. She is not more important than my career. I am not so weak that I would sit and cry like a coward.”

    “Yes, bro. You do not need to waste your time on her anymore. Please focus on your career and stay happy.” They said.

    After they went back home, I opened my books to start my preparations. But as soon as I opened the book, my memories of her started flashing one by one.

    It was difficult for me to forget her. But somehow, I focused on my studies. I went to attend the coaching class and interacted with my friends. After a couple of days, I started feeling better and everything became normal.

    25th FEBRUARY 2014 – THE EXAM DAY

    Finally, the day of my board exam appeared. I met some of my close friends and we had some chit chat. Most of us were a bit nervous. While I was talking to one of my dearest classmates who was sitting right behind me, I saw Pranshi coming and she sat just beside my table. I was seeing her after 7 days of our breakup. I thought, “She looks so simple and innocent. How can I not love her?”. Then suddenly someone from inside of me said, “Don’t fall for that innocence again like a stupid. Focus on your paper.”

    I turned my face off her and looked at the invigilator. The invigilator distributed the question papers. After seeing the question paper my nervousness went down. I started writing the paper and after an hour I unintentionally looked at Pranshi. She was looking at me like she wanted to ask something. But I knew what was important at that moment. I immediately turned my face and continued writing my paper.

    After two and a half hours the invigilator took our papers, and we left the hall.
    I saw Pranshi walking off the school gate to her mom who was waiting for her. I left for my home with some mixed feeling of happiness and sorrow.

    In the evening my friends came to my home, and we discussed about each other’s paper. One of them asked me whether or not I saw Pranshi in the exam hall.

    “Hmmm… I saw her. She was sitting just right beside my table.” I said.

    “How was she looking? Was she happy or sad? Did u find any guilt on her face?” A friend asked.

    “No! Why would she feel guilt. She is very happy with that idiot. Let’s not talk about that girl anymore.” I replied annoyingly.

    Then my dad returned from his office and with a smile asked, “So, how was your exam son?

    “Yeah! It’s pretty good. I was a bit nervous in the beginning but after seeing the questions I was relaxed.” I replied.

    “Hmm… Nice. No need to get nervous.” My dad replied.

    Suddenly my phone rang. I presumed it to be one of my friends.

    But it was Pranshi. My heartbeat went up. I got confused whether or not should I pick the call.

    Then I picked her call and with a grave voice I said, “Hmm…”.

    But when she started speaking my anger for her diminished.

    Stay tuned to know about our conversation…

  • Fragile Love: She Broke My Trust

    Fragile Love: She Broke My Trust

    I was waiting for Pranshi’s response after expressing my feelings to her. The next day when I entered the class, in curiosity to know her response, she was sitting with her best friend and discussing something. Then they both saw me. Her friend stood up and started walking toward me. I was feeling annoyed and thought, “She had promised me that she would not disclose this matter to anyone. Still, she discussed this with her friend. Oh, these girls cannot keep any secret.” Her friend was standing in front of me with a teasing smile.

    “Pranshi told me everything about your yesterday’s scene,” she said.

    “Hmm, so what do you want?” I replied.

    “She is a bit confused about you. Whether you will stay with her or leave her.” Her friend said.

    “I told everything to her and of course, I will stay with her. Otherwise, why would I ask her?” I replied with raised eyebrows.

    “Actually, these are my words. She didn’t say that. Congrats! She has accepted your proposal.” She smiled and spoke.

    Happy Cardcaptor Sakura GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    After hearing this, I looked at Pranshi, and she was smiling with shyness. I became thrilled. I immediately wanted to go to her and talk. But then, our teacher entered, and we settled to our respective seats. When that class was over, I asked her to meet me at the same place after school. But she said that she would only come with her friend.

    I agreed and waited for her at the same place. We were standing face to face. I asked her to give a proper reply to my proposal.

    “Vini has already told you, didn’t she?” she said.

    “I did not ask her. I have proposed to you. So, you must reply to me on my face.” I gave an intense look to her.

    She smiled and said, “Yes, I love you.”


    After getting her answer, I was on cloud nine. Then we exchanged our phone numbers. Our relationship was on the track. Three months later, we became very comfortable with each other. My attraction for her went deeper and deeper with the passing of days. I used to rush near her coaching center in the evening and wait for her so that we could hang out with each other.

    I was in class ten so; our school used to conduct a lot of practice exams before appearing for the final exam called board exam (class 10). This board exam is considered very crucial in our society. If someone does not perform well in this exam, then it is said that their life will be at a great stake. In the initial days, I used to score good in the practice tests and my teachers had a great expectation from me. But gradually, with increasing of my love for Pranshi, my scores went down. Still, I was not worried about it at all, but my teachers were very concerned. I had high self-confidence that I would do better in the final exams.

    Our board exams were near, and the school gave us two weeks of vacation to prepare for the exams. Pranshi did not have a personal cell phone, so she used her mom’s cell phone. It was the seventh of February, known as Rose-day. I was sleeping and, in the morning, my phone ranged. It was her number and when I received the call; I heard someone else’s voice. It was Vini on the other side. They pranked me and pulled my legs for sleeping so late. I felt happiness for the entire day because of her one call in the morning. The next day I expected the same from her, but I was disappointed. My entire day had passed by waiting for her – one phone call. Three days passed. Despite that, I did not get a phone call from her. I became very anxious. Our board exam was round the corner, but my mind was hovering on Pranshi’s phone call.


    It was 14th of February, known as Valentine’s Day.

    “Today she will call. It is our first Valentine’s Day. She might ask me to meet her. What shall I wear?” I was saying this to myself in my mind and whenever my phone would ring, I would expect Pranshi’s name to appear on my phone screen.

    For the very first time in my life, I was very happy and waiting for a girl’s call on Valentine’s Day. But she did not call me. This curiosity turned into restlessness and then anger. I was becoming worried about her and wanted to know if she was okay. I was gazing at my phone desperately just to get one call from her, but things were quite opposite to my expectations. I thought to call one of our common friends to know what had happened with her. I called and narrated the whole thing to him in desperation. He tried to pacify me and said that he would check and inform me about her.

    My first Valentine’s Day passed but my story did not change. The next day my friend called me up and told me something which I could not even imagine.


    “You know why Pranshi is not calling you?” He said.

    “No, I do not know. What happened to her?” I replied.

    “She has cheated on you” He said.

    “She has gone back to her previous boyfriend. She played a game with you” My friend told me in anger.

    “How did you know?” I replied in a choked voice, trying to hold my nerves.

    “Because her boyfriend is my friend, and he told me about this.” He spoke.

    “Hmmm… Alright, I got my punishment to love someone madly. I should have focused on my studies. But I was hankering after her like a dog. And finally, she ditched me. Alright, Thank You for the information.” I hung up the call.

    I wanted to shout and cry, but I was pretty good at holding back my emotions. So, I went out of my home to walk on the nearby playground. I wanted to share that intense pain of my heart with someone, but nobody was there with me. Then I went to her coaching center in the evening to ask her the reason for treating me like this. I stopped her on her way. Her friends were standing with her. I stared at her face with moistened red eyes. I was about to cry, but I did not want to look like a fool in front of her friends. So, I held my emotions.

    “Why did you do this to me? What mistake did I do? If I were just a time pass for you, you could have said this. I would not have become mad after you.” I told.

    She remained silent.

    I became angry and shouted at her.

    “Can’t you say anything? I am asking you something. I am not an idiot who is yelling at you in the public. Tell me!”, I said.

    Then she responded with some cruel words. Her words were like sharpened arrows that pierced through my heart.

    Stay tuned to know what she said to me…

  • School Love: The Beginning of a New Journey

    School Love: The Beginning of a New Journey


    I belong to a middle-class family in Odisha, a state in India. There is one thing common in middle-class people like us, we have big dreams. Our society tend to teach us the same thing – if you make a lot of wealth and fame then you will be recognized as a successful person. The surrounding society instills a sense of competence and if we are not able to do so, then we will be counted as “losers”. But does this so-called success bring us the real happiness that we are all looking for?

    Let us find it out…

    My name is Chirag & I am narrating the story of my life that how this idea of success made me set the wrong goals and hence the wrong path. But I was fortunate enough to know the real goal of human life at a crucial point in my life when I was completely exhausted after chasing my false dreams. A special person came in for the rescue. He helped me to know about the real goal of life and a practical path to achieve that goal.


    I had already lived 14 years of my life and nothing interesting had happened in that duration. Then I stepped into high school in the year of 2013. This is the time when our lives take up a whole new direction due to the influence of adolescent hormones. Our interests and focus start to shift to different things. Some people get more serious about careers; some like to hang out with beautiful girls, and some develop addiction to alcohol and drugs. This is the time when most people get influenced by the strong gust of the adolescent wind. 

    I was a pretty smart student, so I took studies for granted. I was popular in my school and especially in my class… My attention was grabbed by a beautiful girl in my class named Pranshi. I had heard that she had already a boyfriend, but still, I got attracted to her. I wanted her existing relationship to be broken, so she could be mine. 🙂

    Whenever she would enter the class, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her beautiful long hair. I got so obsessed with her that all the time her face used to flash in my mind. Sometimes, I would become cautious as if she was watching me. Slowly these feelings made a strong base for my one-sided love story. It kept on growing. I could not keep these feelings inside me and started sharing my heart to my close friends.

    Since I was good at studies and looks, almost all the teachers and students at my school knew me. I had a presumption that nobody could reject me, and my friends also had the same impression about me. So, my friends would encourage me to express my feelings to Pranshi. I had tried many times but whenever she would look at me, I felt nervous, and my heart would beat faster.


    Six months passed like this, and I could not express my feelings to her. One day I shared this seriously with my close friends. When they observed my intense feelings, they got excited and started giving me ideas to me – on how to open my heart to her. After getting boosted, I gathered some so-called courage and I decided to tell Pranshi, about my feelings for her. So, one day I gathered all my courage and in a grave voice, I told her to meet me at the backside of our school. She was surprised to get such a strange request from me but since I had a good reputation she agreed to come. My school hour was over, and all the teachers and students had already left for their homes.

    I was waiting for her with extreme nervousness. I was less afraid of being rejected than losing my reputation in school. And finally, I saw a pink ladybird cycle coming towards me. It was Pranshi who was riding the bicycle. Both of us were in school uniform so I first checked whether or not anyone was noticing us. She reached near me and stopped her bicycle. Looking at my face with curiosity she asked, “What happened? Why did you call me here?”

    My heartbeat went up faster. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. I gasped and said, “First promise me that you would not tell this to anyone.”

    “Huh? What happened? Please tell me”, She said.

    “First you promise me that you won’t tell this to anyone”, I insisted.

    “Okay, I promise. Now tell me what happened”, she agreed and asked.

    “I want to say that I love you. I know that you have a boyfriend. But still, I have developed deep feelings for you. Now it is up to you whether you want to accept my feelings or not”, I said.

    After hearing this, she lowered her eye lids and smiled in shyness. “I have no boyfriend. We have broken off our relationship a long time ago”, she said.

    “Really! Oh, so do I have a chance or not?”, I asked.

    “Look, after six months we will pass out of this school, and we are not even sure whether or not we will meet. So, I do not want to stay in a relationship where I have no assurance”, she said.

    I could sense some positivity and did not want to lose the opportunity. So, I told her, “What made you think – that we will not meet after passing out of school? I will stay in this town, and you will also stay here. So, what is the problem?”

    “But you said that you would move to somewhere else after your schooling”, she asked.

    “No, I will complete my higher secondary (Class 12) here.”, I assured her.

    “I will tell you tomorrow. I cannot take such decisions immediately”, she said.

    “Yes, you can take as much time as you want. I do not have any issue”, I said.

    I came back home, but this time I felt everything different than they used to be. A mixed feeling of happiness and curiosity was tickling me from inside. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was curious to know what decision she had made. Each minute passed like a year for me. I plucked in my headphones and started listening to some romantic songs. I told my friends that I had expressed my feelings to her. “Oh my God. What did she say? “Yes or no. She must have said yes”, my friends asked me in excitement.

    “No man, she said neither Yes nor No. She will tell me tomorrow. But from her gestures I felt like she was interested in me… and the good part she is single”, I said.

    “Oh, man! Do not worry, she will say yes. I am 100 percent confident that you will get a yes from her”, my friends started convincing me.

    “Hopefully. But it is difficult to wait”, I said.

    One of my friends said, “I can understand. I have gone through this feeling. But this is the amazement of “love” man. Just enjoy”.


    The day was dusked, and we returned to our respective homes. Again, my mind got bombarded with her thoughts. I was so engrossed in her thoughts that neither hunger nor thirst bothered me that day. I had not felt like this before. I couldn’t sleep and I was just turning from one side to the other on the bed and dream up about her reply.

    Somehow, I fell asleep and got up late the following day. So, I hurried to school. When I entered the class Pranshi was sitting with her close friend, Vini and talking to her. Both looked at me and her friend came up to me to say something. My heart started beating faster. Vini looked at me with a teasing smile and I knew that she was well aware about what happened the previous day between me and Pranshi. She was bringing Pranshi’s reply to me. I was only guessing about her reply and finally Vini said something.

    What she said will be revealed in the next chapter. Stay tuned….