Heart Break – She Didn’t Love Me

I learned that Pranshi was roaming around with her previous boyfriend from one of our common friends. So, I was enraged with her for this kind of behavior. I could not behold the pain and went to ask her the reason behind that. At first, she remained silent.

Then suddenly she looked into my eyes and said,
“I love only myself. I love neither you nor him. Whatever I did, it was my choice.”

I was taken aback and thought for a moment. “A week ago, she used to hang out with me. So many times, she said that she loved me. But what is going on now? This can’t be true. I know she is joking.”

I just gazed at her face and couldn’t say anything. Suddenly one of her friends said, “Pranshi, let’s go home. We are getting late.”

I closed my eyes for a second and gasped. “Alright, thank you very much for this. I shall always be grateful to you,” I said. I turned my face off and proceeded towards my home.

I was walking home with a heavy heart and moistened eyes. I felt like everything has stopped in my world. This was the very first time when I was undergoing such a disheartening experience. I just sat outside my house and suddenly one of my friends kept his hand on my shoulder.

“What happened? Why are you sad?” He asked.

“The good news is, Pranshi doesn’t love me. She was just playing around with my feelings.” I replied sarcastically.

“Why? What happened?” He asked.

Then I narrated the whole story to him and sat down with closed eyes.

“Now what? Don’t sit like a fool. Just move on and focus on your studies. You have exams”, He said.

A drop of tear rolled on my cheek, and I didn’t wipe it. My friend saw me like this for the very first time.

“Chirag! Seriously? You are crying for a characterless girl. This is not you.” He said angrily.

“No, I am not crying for her. But the pain inside my heart is intense. I am cheated on by a girl. What could be more humiliating than this? She played with my emotions, and I thought that she loved me. You know right? How many times have I talked about her in front of you.”, I said.

“But what did she do? In front of all her friends, she said that she didn’t love me. I am a fool number one. I should have understood that before.” I started blabbering.

“Just shut up! You are just a schoolboy. Many girls will come and go. But why are you crying for her?” He asked.

“Because she is the only girl who I have loved. I don’t care about other girls.” I replied.

I sat for an hour and thought, “What could be the reason for such a sudden change? I loved her like anything. Why did she do this?” Of course, I did not get my answer, but I wanted to know.

It was 15th of February and only after 9 days our board exams were starting. The next day, some of my other close friends came to me and asked me about Pranshi. I explained the whole story.

“What are you saying? How could she do this to you? You were so happy with her. But why did she change suddenly?” he got angry and asked.

“I wish I could know that”, I replied.

“Do not worry, brother. Many girls will fall for you. Just forget her. You deserve better.” they tried to console me.

I said, “Enough of this drama. I will focus on my exam. She is not more important than my career. I am not so weak that I would sit and cry like a coward.”

“Yes, bro. You do not need to waste your time on her anymore. Please focus on your career and stay happy.” They said.

After they went back home, I opened my books to start my preparations. But as soon as I opened the book, my memories of her started flashing one by one.

It was difficult for me to forget her. But somehow, I focused on my studies. I went to attend the coaching class and interacted with my friends. After a couple of days, I started feeling better and everything became normal.


Finally, the day of my board exam appeared. I met some of my close friends and we had some chit chat. Most of us were a bit nervous. While I was talking to one of my dearest classmates who was sitting right behind me, I saw Pranshi coming and she sat just beside my table. I was seeing her after 7 days of our breakup. I thought, “She looks so simple and innocent. How can I not love her?”. Then suddenly someone from inside of me said, “Don’t fall for that innocence again like a stupid. Focus on your paper.”

I turned my face off her and looked at the invigilator. The invigilator distributed the question papers. After seeing the question paper my nervousness went down. I started writing the paper and after an hour I unintentionally looked at Pranshi. She was looking at me like she wanted to ask something. But I knew what was important at that moment. I immediately turned my face and continued writing my paper.

After two and a half hours the invigilator took our papers, and we left the hall.
I saw Pranshi walking off the school gate to her mom who was waiting for her. I left for my home with some mixed feeling of happiness and sorrow.

In the evening my friends came to my home, and we discussed about each other’s paper. One of them asked me whether or not I saw Pranshi in the exam hall.

“Hmmm… I saw her. She was sitting just right beside my table.” I said.

“How was she looking? Was she happy or sad? Did u find any guilt on her face?” A friend asked.

“No! Why would she feel guilt. She is very happy with that idiot. Let’s not talk about that girl anymore.” I replied annoyingly.

Then my dad returned from his office and with a smile asked, “So, how was your exam son?

“Yeah! It’s pretty good. I was a bit nervous in the beginning but after seeing the questions I was relaxed.” I replied.

“Hmm… Nice. No need to get nervous.” My dad replied.

Suddenly my phone rang. I presumed it to be one of my friends.

But it was Pranshi. My heartbeat went up. I got confused whether or not should I pick the call.

Then I picked her call and with a grave voice I said, “Hmm…”.

But when she started speaking my anger for her diminished.

Stay tuned to know about our conversation…

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